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Private luxury transportation

We make every effort to deliver the ultimate experience for our guests. As part of the complete luxury travel package, we offer our customers the opportunity to travel in style using helicopters, yachts, limousines or mini buses. No matter what you need from your luxury experience, we make sure that your journey is customized to your needs. Our services will make your stay and transportation really unforgettable!

Enjoy the view from above

We offer you the opportunity to experience Santorini by air transfers as well as with sightseeing flights over the Caldera or the entire island with helicopter.

All you have to do is inform us and we will make the dream of visiting Santorini, come true. Order a private helicopter for your transportation or just enjoy the picturesque landscapes from bird-view and make unique photos.

Yacht cruises

We are on hand to make every moment of your stay in Santorini unforgettable. The exceptional beauty of Caldera is waiting for you to discover a different sea treasure, but also you have a unique chance to live the absolute yachting experience visiting nearby islands to Santorini. Make your reservation now and enjoy one or more days cruises with the best prices.

Minibus tour

We are ready to take you for a scheduled tour/ transfer in the magnificent island of Santorini anytime that you want and anyplace that you desire to visit.

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